Protecting nature

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Our Mongols have oral rule and intimate tradition for protecting nature. The tradition protecting nature is subdivided into four sects.

  • Tradition of custom and ritual- the history protecting nature, mountains, rivers, grassland to be saving abundant, fertility and virginity, comes from our ancestor Hunnu (Xiongnu) dynasty. 

Mankind has a view of worshipping that each natural objects such a mountain, rivers, rocks are occupied by the owners that means deity. It is said that we have respective tradition to protect nature and if someone breaks the rule, might be punished by natural owner, deity. By respecting the nature we give the honored name such as Holy Mountain, Khan Mountain, Rich Mountain and Holy water and so on. On top of each mountain that is respected traditionally have Ovoo (Pulled or crowded stones). We come to the top of mountain, in our tradition, we add some stones on it. It is banned to dig any place, if it happens, we ask the deity by making offerings or by using the boar teeth, root of the tree in charming way.

  • Custom of worshiping mountain and rivers.

It is originated since firstly Great Khan Chinggis worshipped the mountain of Burkhan-Khaldun, “saying eternally worshipping” as recorded “Secret History of Mongolia”. The mountains worshipped by State is named Great State Worshipped Mountains.

  • By making law, protecting natural objects

In the law of “Great govern” by Chinggis Khan in XYII century, we have had a law of protecting the rare animals and floras, and banned to hunt their mating season

  • Taking under State special protection of certain territory

The Bogd Khan Mountain, located in front of the Ulaanbaatar is taken under protection in 1778. It is the first protected mountain in the world.

Before 1994, all of the territory was said under the general name of “Nature Reserve” but since 1994 it is in the law of environment, we made 4 types laws such a “Nature Reserve”, “National Park”, “Natural resources”, “Commemorative place”.